With 24 distinct floor plans, Woodlands in Huntington, West Virginia, offers the opportunity for custom-home living in the region’s only Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).  Woodlands is a locally owned, locally managed, not-for-profit community sitting on a 171-acre site that takes advantage of the area’s spectacular views. A central feature of our floor plans is the effective use of natural light through designs that create usable, enjoyable space regardless of the residence.

Welcome to the Willow

The Willow studio apartment home, for example, is an open 545-square-foot floor plan designed to maximize usable space and simplicity at an excellent value. The floor plan is designed around a central living/dining area with its kitchen, bathroom and spacious walk-in closet located along the perimeter walls. A large window lights the living/dining space, and the open kitchen invites ease of use. Because we spend so much time in our living space, it’s nice to have a convenient and easy-to-maintain home like this one. In a small residence, maximizing usable floor space is key, and the Willow exemplifies smart use of the principles of light, design and ease of access.

The Willow residence at Woodlands offers a flexible layout with a well-lit, usable living area








Finding the perfect fit

With today’s focus on minimalism, an efficient living space like the Willow home will allow you more time to focus on other important parts of your life, such as participating in activities, enjoying the Woodlands campus and pursuing anything else you choose. Downsizing can sometimes seem like a negative – but it’s not. Minimalism and downsizing are positive lifestyle choices being embraced and adopted by all generations.

Beyond that, thanks to the just-right space that the Willow offers, it brings with it a very impressive value. A key element of this huge value is how you will also enjoy all of the valuable benefits of living in a CCRC, such as peace of mind for the future with trusted care on-site. When combined with the big lifestyle that a CCRC offers, downsizing (or “rightsizing”) to a home like the Willow really makes sense.

That said, making the move to Woodlands is a new beginning and you should take the exciting steps to plan accordingly. Rightsizing into your new home at Woodlands goes beyond just picking your favorite floor plan, because you can also plan to bring along your favorite furnishings, art and special belongings. When also factoring in the home customization options at Woodlands, it all comes together to provide you a perfect fit in the perfect place.

Why not schedule a visit to see Woodlands and to get started on planning your ideal retirement lifestyle? Come see the campus, walk around and get a feel for your future. The staff at Woodlands is committed to helping you start that planning process, and we are here to guide you by answering any questions you may have. Take a look at our monthly events calendar to get a feel for the things that will be occupy your time at Woodlands, because you won’t have to worry about yard maintenance, cleaning and the other household chores that seem to always fill up your day.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering the initial questions that everyone has when they begin to think about the future. Simply click here to get in touch, or call us at 304-697-1620!

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