At Woodlands, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Huntington, West Virginia, residents enjoy a wide range of fun and friendly activities. From art classes and book clubs to croquet, exercise classes and musical entertainment, there’s something at Woodlands for everyone. Regardless of your interests and passions, you’ll be sure to find a community event, group or hobby that speaks to you.

Two popular activities at Woodlands are dominoes and cornhole. These particular activities offer a chance for residents to gather, have some laughs and enjoy a little friendly competition.


Some residents at Woodlands look forward to playing dominoes a couple times a month with friends and neighbors. Everyone is welcome to come play in Woodlands’ activities room, and when enough residents arrive, the games begin.

Dominoes (or Mexican Train) is one of our residents' favorite activities at Woodlands

“There are several of us who play about twice a month,” says resident Cynthia Beal. “We just have fun with it. We don’t even always keep score.” Cynthia came to Woodlands about seven years ago when she and her husband fell in love with a spacious, ground-floor apartment home at the community.

The group plays a variation of dominoes called Mexican Train dominoes, where the object of the game is for each player to create a line stemming from a central piece, relying on the basic rules of dominoes.

“I didn’t know anything about Mexican Train, but my friends taught me to play. Just make sure before you start, you all agree on the rules!” Cynthia jokes. Cynthia adds that her favorite part about the group is the opportunity to connect, talk and laugh with others.

“I love the camaraderie and being part of a group,” she said. “A lot of us are single so it’s good to have that time with other people.”


Some residents, however, enjoy getting together outside for a few friendly games of cornhole. This popular lawn game involves two large wooden boards facing one another about 20 feet apart, and each board has a hole in its center. The object of the game is for each team to toss a throwing bag (or beanbag) at the opposite board, with the goal of landing the bag through the hole.

Cornhole is another one of the popular activities at Woodlands, and the residents enjoy being competitive!

“There’s a little bit of competition, like with any sport,” Ervin Jones explained. Ervin has been a Woodlands resident since December 2018, and continued, saying, “It’s also good for meeting people. The people I’ve met, I didn’t know them before playing cornhole.”

For new residents who are looking to meet their neighbors, the cornhole group provides an excellent opportunity.

During the colder winter months, the residents even play indoors in the activities room. When the weather warms up, the group takes the game outdoors so they can enjoy the beautiful community views.

“If someone thinks they might be interested, they should come and give it a try. You don’t have to be a pro, but we’re just people that enjoy getting together and playing a few games,” Ervin added.

Another resident, Grover Hamrick, shared his take on cornhole: “It’s competitive, but on a friendly basis. We enjoy the friendships we’ve developed and the activity itself provides some physical activity. It’s a good experience to get to know the people here better. I highly recommend it.” Grover has been a Woodlands resident for about five and a half years, and he looks forward to welcoming new players.

Resident Betty Hale said she enjoys “the socialization and getting together with new people coming in.” Betty came to Woodlands when she decided she no longer wanted to spend energy on the burdensome tasks associated with maintaining a house. Now, she lives a maintenance-free lifestyle, which allows her to spend more time on the pleasant aspects of life, such as fun and friends.

Community activities are a great way for many Woodlands residents to connect. If dominoes or cornhole aren’t up your alley, Woodlands provides many other activities, too. And if you don’t find a group involving a passion or hobby of yours, you can create your own!

For more information about life at Woodlands, give us a call at 304-697-1620, or visit us online to request your free information kit. In the digital brochure, you’ll discover many unique features that set Woodlands apart.

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