In 2017, Charles Amos chose to move to a retirement community after spending years at a house in Huntington that sat on four acres. While he enjoyed the scenery, the house and land eventually became too much to maintain, and he wanted to live somewhere that would also guarantee a secure future. After doing plenty of research, visiting multiple retirement communities in Huntington and doing the math, Charles chose Woodlands. And when you chat with Charles, he’s happy to tell you why!

Charles playing pool at Woodlands

Charles (far left) playing billiards with friends

A practical, affordable choice

Charles chose Woodlands, one of the tri-state region’s only Continuing Care Retirement Communities, because the Life Care option provides peace of mind at an unbeatable value. Life Care guarantees that if his health needs change in the future, Charles will receive assisted living or memory support on-site without paying more each month.

“I realized that I was going to need to be where I could have help when I needed it,” Charles explained. “I don’t want to be a burden to either of my sons. And once I put a pencil to it all, Woodlands came out on top, no question.”

When you ask Charles to explain his thought process further once he “put a pencil to it all,” he’s not shy in sharing why Woodlands is the ideal, affordable choice. He wants people to know about this option for Huntington-area seniors. This is what he said:

“There’s no question that the least expensive way to go is Woodlands. At the other places you may not pay an upfront fee, but if you need to go into nursing care, you’ll end up paying more than $10,000 a month… People think Woodlands is out of their price range, but because long-term care is included, anyone of modest means can afford coming here. Even a couple of wealthy friends of mine, a doctor and a retired dentist, are choosing Woodlands because it’s such a good value!… Many people aren’t aware that your costs at Woodlands, with Life Care, are stable for life. And even if your assets run out, you won’t be asked to leave. You can’t beat it!” 

A customized residence with a beautiful view

Of course, it wasn’t all about the money. Part of Charles’ decision to move to Woodlands was also because he could get a new home that’s just the right fit with none of the maintenance. When he decided to move, he chose a Bradford residence, one of Woodlands’ one-bedroom options, and enjoyed adding custom touches to his new abode.

“I picked the Bradford because that’s all the space I need, and before I moved in, they took everything down to the studs and let me choose what I wanted,” Charles shared. “It was very nice to get to choose the paint colors, appliances and flooring and make it my own.”

One of his favorite parts about the Bradford residence is his view from its array of windows showing the mountains in the distance and Woodlands’ on-campus lake.

Making time for it all, while helping others

Charles made it clear that he always makes time for things he cares about, and Woodlands helps him do so. Without any home repairs nor maintenance to handle, Charles can spend his time how he wants. Between playing golf, shooting billiards three times a week with his friend Mr. Romine, volunteering his time at the local hospital and helping at his local church, Charles keeps busy.

“There’s always plenty going on here. If you’re bored, that’s your own fault!” he joked.

Charles and friends playing piano at Woodlands

Regionally and beyond, Woodlands rises to the top

“We in Huntington are blessed to have Woodlands,” Charles said. “There really aren’t any other communities like it in West Virginia, and for a comparable level of service you would have to go all the way to Lexington, Kentucky, or Columbus, Ohio, and not many folks want to do that.”

Charles also compared his experience to senior living options in other parts of the country, as he spends six months of the year in Largo, Florida. A friend of his lives in a retirement community in nearby Clearwater, Florida, and while the setting is nice, Charles said that it’s not worth the significant cost. And that doesn’t even take into account that not all communities offer Life Care like Woodlands does.

If you’re starting to do your research on the retirement communities in Huntington, Charles would tell you that it pays to give Woodlands a look. To take a tour at Woodlands and learn more about the unbeatable value this community provides, simply click here or call 304-697-1620 today!

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