If you are looking into West Virginia retirement communities, you have a lot of factors to consider. Some desirable qualities in a community, such as the beauty of the campus or the quality of the dining, are universally coveted. Other aspects, such as community culture, mean more to some than others. Regardless of your preferences, you should definitely consider Woodlands in the heart of Huntington. Compared to other West Virginia retirement communities, it is unique in a number of ways.

A locally owned non-profit

Unlike many other West Virginia retirement communities, Woodlands is managed by people who live in Huntington and understand the culture and environment. Moreover, because Woodlands is a non-profit organization, we reinvest all of the money—from amenities to activities to its full continuum of care—back into the community.

The priority has always been and will always be the residents. Our team listens to the residents’ wants and needs and allocates all of its resources toward meeting those needs.

Gorgeous campus

West Virginia is known for its natural beauty. From the awe-inspiring mountains to the lush ocean of trees that washes over the entire landscape, there is no place quite like the Mountain State. But while most West Virginia retirement communities may benefit from the exquisite surroundings of the state, few campuses mirror that beauty themselves. This is one way that Woodlands separates itself from the pack. Our campus is beautiful.

The scenery sets Woodlands apart from other West Virginia retirement communities

Woodlands’ campus is expansive, stretching over 171 acres and giving you plenty of room to explore the various walking trails. You’ll also find a diverse array of trees and other plant life. Our ponds, each complete with their own fountain, shimmer serenely in the sunlight. The community buildings are perched on a hill, overlooking the campus as well as the surrounding landscape. And when fall comes around, the environment explodes with color.

Continuing care  

Woodlands is the only Life Care Community in the state of West Virginia that offers a Life Care contract. Should the need ever arise, higher levels of care will be ready for you on-site.

It is hard to overstate the value of continuing care. A CCRC isn’t just a financially smart decision; it is a chance to have peace of mind for the future. No matter what happens today or tomorrow, you know you are in good hands. You’ll have no stress, no need to plan ahead and no need to organize any more moves.

Proximity to the rest of Huntington 

Because Woodlands is the only West Virginia retirement community that offers a Life Care contract, it also gives you a unique opportunity to secure your future while staying near Huntington. For many, Huntington is considered a big neighborhood, full of friendly people and fun activities. Perhaps you are interested in spending the afternoon in Ritter Park. Or maybe you want to go downtown and explore the Huntington Museum of Art or attend events at the Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center. Maybe you want to continue your education or catch a Thundering Herd game at Marshall University (we have a lot of MU alumni and retired professors at Woodlands); the Woodlands shuttle can even take you from our campus to Marshall University sporting events! Or maybe you just want to take a fun outing and get some delicious food with your friends.

Proximity ot Huntington sets West Virginia Apart from other West Virginia retirement communities

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26330544

Wherever you choose to go, Woodlands makes traveling to other parts of Huntington a breeze. The shuttle takes regularly scheduled trips into town – all you have to do is reserve a spot on the signup sheet! You can enjoy the natural beauty of the West Virginia landscape, the convenience of continuing care or the fun of Huntington without a second thought or the hassle of driving. The best of what Huntington has to offer is at your fingertips.

If you want to learn more about what sets Woodlands apart from other West Virginia retirement communities, simply call the friendly team today at 304-697-1620 or click here to download a free info packet.

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