Everyone who chooses to enjoy their WV retirement at Woodlands finds that—no matter their interests—they are empowered to keep a calendar that is as full (or not) as they’d like it to be . . . even when the weather gets cold!

In fact, when winter arrives in West Virginia, crisp snowfall blankets the Appalachians and life takes on a different pace. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck, holed up at home and stir crazy, especially if you choose Woodlands for your WV retirement.

Living here, you can enjoy the gorgeous and scenic winters of WV and still avoid the cold temperatures, hassles and chores you endured in winters past. And from the holiday festivities to our lively events calendar, a lot is possible throughout winter at Woodlands.

WV retirement at Woodlands: No winter blues here!

One major advantage of choosing Woodlands for your WV retirement is that you’ll enjoy a bevy of activities and experiences while enjoying the benefits of living in a social, friendly, welcoming environment.

Winter can be a tough time as the days are short and the time between the holidays and spring feels long, but research shows that social interaction (like that found at a community like Woodlands) is linked to better overall health for older adults. Social interaction, which can prevent depression, is consistently associated with indicators of health, according to the National Institute on Aging.

What’s more is that while you’re out and about with friends, neighbors and family, you can relax knowing that you’ll come home to your customized residence without having a list of chores to tackle. Woodlands also handles all the home repair and maintenance—year-round— so you can say goodbye to snow shoveling, home winterization, ice dams, heating oil deliveries and the inconveniences of Appalachian winters.

Stay warm with athletics and aesthetics

For Thundering Herd fans, Woodlands takes trips to all of Marshall University’s home basketball and football games, so you can cheer them on without having to worry about the logistics of game-day travel and parking. All you have to do is get in the cheering spirit!

Are you an arts aficionado? Woodlands regularly welcomes some of the region’s most talented performers, and members of our community don’t have to brave the cold to see them. Recently, we’ve had visits from the Brass Band of the Tri-State, the Cabell Midland Collegium choir, the Spring Valley High School band, guitarist Donnie Carman and the ThunderTones barbershop chorus. And for an even wider range of artistic inspiration, residents have the opportunity to experience every act of the Marshall Artists Series.

That said, arts and athletics just scrape the surface of the monthly, weekly and daily activities available at Woodlands year-round that will make your WV retirement dynamic and inspiring. Living here, why would you ever want to head south?

With the time you’ll have available, thanks to the maintenance-free independent lifestyle, you can explore even more activities including professionally guided fitness classes, 3D printing demos, semi-competitive Corn Hole, historic WWII presentations, meditation and mindfulness classes, delicious dinner outings and much more. Plus, if there happens to be a specific activity or interest that you seek, you can simply start your own club!

Or you can just as easily relax and sip a warm beverage while watching the snow fall over the mountains and valleys of the tri-state. Choosing Woodlands for your WV retirement gives you the freedom and free time to enjoy wintertime’s peaceful moments whichever way you prefer.

Now is as good of a time as ever to say hello and stop by Woodlands for a personalized appointment. Simply click here to get in touch or call 304-697-1620 to speak with a member of our friendly team. You could make your WV retirement even better before the snow even melts!

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