In the West Virginia-Ohio-Kentucky Tri-State area, you have many reasonable options if you’re considering the move to a retirement community. However, for nearly 25 years, Woodlands in Huntington has definitively established itself as the Tri-State’s premier retirement community. Here are five key reasons why.

Reason 1: Location

Huntington really represents the best of both worlds. Our hometown provides a perfect blend of Appalachian serenity and the vibrancy of a college town. Huntington offers many great local attractions, and Woodlands is just a four-mile, ten-minute drive from all the athletics, arts and activities that Marshall University offers. Plus, when you consider our mountaintop, 171-acre campus featuring comfortable, customizable homes, this really is a special place. Check out these articles for more reasons why we’re proud to call Huntington home:

Reason 2: Value

When deciding on a retirement community, we know that cost is usually the top factor for most individuals and couples. Fortunately, when compared to the other retirement communities in West Virginia and the Huntington Tri-State area, Woodlands presents both a competitive cost and a strong value. Living at Woodlands, a not-for-profit community, is affordable—and you get a lot for what you pay! For more in-depth information about the cost and value of living at Woodlands, take a look at these articles:

Reason 3: Neighbors

Some of the best elements of a community like Woodlands can’t easily be put into words or represented by numbers; they simply must be felt to be understood. An example of this is the friendly, welcoming culture throughout Woodlands that makes everyone feel at home and part of this special community. The best way to share this feeling is by hosting you for a personalized visit of our community, but if you’d rather get to know us from the comfort of your couch, meet a few current Woodlands residents—your potential future neighbors—by checking out these articles:

Reason 4: History

Did you know that the organizational roots of Woodlands have been planted in Huntington for nearly 100 years? Our history can be traced back to the Foster Memorial Home that Bradley W. Foster, the founder of the Foster Foundation, opened on Madison Avenue in 1925. The Foster Foundation is the not-for-profit organization that still guides Woodlands to this day and ensures that our people will always be the priority. We’re humbled that we can ensure that even those who outlive their resources will always have a home here. To learn more about our history, click any of the following links:

Reason 5: LifeCare

Woodlands is the only Continuing Care Retirement Community (or CCRC) in the Huntington Tri-State region that also offers a comprehensive LifeCare contract. The advantages of comprehensive Life Care are numerous, as it provides a high-value, high-security plan for your future along with infinite peace of mind. So, for today, you can enjoy living as independently as ever at Woodlands, knowing that if you ever need it, there’s a complete continuum of care available to you on-site at virtually no additional cost. Learn more about LifeCare at Woodlands and its benefits by exploring these in-depth articles:

If you’ve explored these reasons to choose Woodlands and are still curious about why our community is the Huntington Tri-State’s premier retirement option, we’d love to chat! Simply click here to get in touch or call our friendly team at 304-697-1620 today.

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