You didn’t retire to sit still. For you, retirement means going and doing. You love going interesting places and doing things that you’ve recently discovered or have always been passionate about. You’ll find lots of people here at Woodlands who share the same zest for life as you do.

People who live here enjoy a totally maintenance-free lifestyle, giving them even more time for exploration, hobbies, activities, volunteering, family gatherings and more. And with all this activity, at the end of the day, we all need a comfortable place to rest because the next day will bring a whole new slew of adventures. This is what makes the Aspen residence at Woodlands a perfect fit for you.

Enter the Aspen

Woodlands Aspen floor plan

Our Aspen residence is a thoughtfully designed, one-bedroom, one-bathroom floor plan featuring a distinct den and more than 800 square feet of bright, usable space. Upon walking into the Aspen home, you’re greeted by the complete (and customizable) kitchen.

For Woodlands resident Norma Denning, she took advantage of the opportunity to customize her home and put her own touches on the kitchen. For example, she opted for a larger kitchen island that is well-suited for her beloved cookie baking—when she sometimes crafts 300 to 400 cookies at a time!

“I needed a space to roll out all that dough and to decorate,” Norma said. “And when any of my 12 grandkids visit, the larger island is a great spot for them to relax or do homework.”

The Aspen’s kitchen seamlessly blends into the large living and dining area, where everyone—kids, grandkids, friends, neighbors—can gather in comfort to hear about your latest adventures. And when it comes time to plan your next outing, whether to Huntington or Hungary, you can do so in the brightly lit, distinctly shaped den space that features five large windows.

“I wanted a place with a personality,” Norma explained. “The ‘turret’ area as we call it, is that ‘something different’ and I knew I could work with that. I also got help from a local company picking out new furniture that would fit perfectly and would complement the fixtures and finishes I selected throughout.

“I was living in a log home before Woodlands and wanted something totally different that would let me embrace this new step in life,” Norma continued. “It was a lot of fun making this place my own. I love my Aspen apartment; absolutely love it!”

Privacy and convenience

Because of where our Aspen residences are located on our 171-acre campus, there are significant location-based perks, too. Relative to other Woodlands residences, their whereabouts make for a quieter, more private experience.

“There are plenty of opportunities to see people if you want,” Norma said. “It’s just more private here with a bit less foot traffic. It’s just you and your closest neighbors passing through. But if you’re a people person, there are lots of opportunities to be social and friends are always close by!”

The residence wing in which the Aspen homes are located also has its own entrance and lobby, thereby increasing the feeling of true independence and freedom as you enjoy your retirement lifestyle at Woodlands. And when it’s time to head out on another adventure, the Aspen residences all offer convenient parking lots and ample parking spots located just outside each of the wing’s two electric doors.

For whatever life brings

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of choosing Woodlands, no matter the residence, is knowing that wherever your adventures take you, we have you covered.

“One thing I really appreciate is the security,” Norma explained. “When I go away for trips, I don’t need to worry about having someone get the mail or check on the house. The security staff handles all that while I’m away. And when I am home, I don’t even need to worry about if the door is locked when I go to bed.”

Plus, Woodlands is already a great value, and the peace of mind granted by choosing a Life Care contract is simply priceless. If your pace should slow, Woodlands’ status as the tri-state’s only Continuing Care Retirement Community offering Life Care ensures that you can receive the support you need right here on-site. For life. Guaranteed.

For now, keep adventuring! The Aspen residence at Woodlands can be the perfect ally to the energetic lifestyle you continue to enjoy in retirement. For a firsthand look at the Aspen or any of the other homes available at Woodlands, simply click here to get in touch for a visit or call our friendly team at 304-697-1620 today!

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