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As one of the 20 available apartment styles at Woodlands in Huntington, West Virginia, the Sycamore residence is one of our best and brightest—literally!

We spoke to a couple members of our community who live in Sycamore residences, and they shared what makes this one-bathroom, one-bedroom plus den apartment so desirable. And just like each day here on the Huntington hillside, it starts with the sun.

Brightened by natural light galore

“All the windows and the light, I love it,” Mary Vital, who has lived here since 2015, said. “I’m in the sun from the time it comes up to the time it goes down in the evening.”

Mary and her neighbor, Cynthia Beal, a Woodlands resident since 2012, enjoy having warm, natural light stream into the Sycamore from the multiple large windows in its living space.

The Sycamore residence at Woodlands is a bright, modern apartment home.

The view of the living/dining area in the Sycamore residence at Woodlands.

“Because of the openness and all of the windows, all the light comes in and makes it a wonderful living area,” Cynthia added. “I love the shape and the size of the living area; the openness and brightness are great.”

An alternate view of the living/dining area in the Sycamore residence at Woodlands.

‘Like having a second bedroom’

Speaking of the living area, Cynthia and Mary each commented on how the shape of the Sycamore gives them space and flexibility, especially thanks to the den.

“The Sycamore has the square ‘knockout’ area for the den, or the sunroom as I call it. It’s a bit different than the octagon ‘turret’ that other residences here have,” Cynthia said. “The simpler shape gives you a lot more space to arrange. It’s just the perfect size for me—and I brought all my stuff!”

The Sycamore residence at Woodlands is a bright, modern apartment home.

A view of the window-filled den area at the Sycamore residence at Woodlands.

Mary noted the flexibility of the layout too: “I am very, very happy with the Sycamore and I think it’s, by far, the best one-bedroom apartment at Woodlands. Because there’s the rectangular den, it’s almost like having a second bedroom.”

With more than 800 square feet of usable space that Mary and Cynthia each mentioned, the Sycamore floor plan can just as easily serve as your comfortable retreat as it can host guests for the afternoon (or the grandkids for the weekend).

Plus, as with every residence at Woodlands, you have the chance to add your personal touches.

Customizations to craft your ideal space

Woodlands allows you to choose from a wide array of customization options so that your new space truly feels like it’s yours from the moment you move in. You can choose custom touches such as your favorite paint colors, flooring, fixtures, cabinets, countertops and tile.

Or, you could go a little further like Cynthia, who opted to make cornice boards part of the custom window treatments she had done in her Sycamore. They create a sophisticated look without blocking the lovely natural light that we mentioned earlier.

In Mary’s case, her residence had already undergone some renovations as part of our regular updating of the apartments throughout campus. That said, her contemporary, inviting kitchen is one of her favorite spots in the Sycamore.

“I love my kitchen,” Mary exclaimed. “It has granite countertops with a full-size stove and oven. Even though I don’t need to cook here, I enjoy baking, so the oven was important to me. Plus, there’s plenty of cupboard space.”

The updated kitchen in an available Sycamore residence at Woodlands.

A residence—and campus—with a view

Because of where the Sycamore residences are located on Woodlands’ hilltop campus, living in one of these apartments allows for easy access to some of the best views in the Huntington region. Mary and Cynthia agree.

“It’s a beautiful campus,” Mary noted. “I’m a big birdwatcher and one of my favorite places here is on the other side of the building where there are bird feeders in a wooded area nearby. The landscaping is well-maintained, and the trees are just unbelievable in the fall.”

“I usually walk around campus in the mornings,” Cynthia added. “When I make my way to the spot that overlooks the pond and the mountains, it takes my breath away each time. People pay big money for views like that!”

Fortunately for anyone interested in Woodlands, these views come at a spectacular value, especially considering the value of LifeCare and the impressive monthly service package that all Woodlands residents enjoy.

And independent of all that, people who live here have found the sense of community and security at Woodlands to be priceless.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks that I’m able to live here,” Cynthia said. “I can’t say enough good things about the staff. They take such good care of us and there’s just a family feeling about it. I just feel safe here.”

Meanwhile, Mary enjoys not having to worry about the burdens of home maintenance: “You don’t realize it until you move in, but there’s a weight lifted off your shoulders from not having to worry about things like, ‘Is the water heater leaking?’ or ‘Will the roof make it through this snowstorm?’ And the maintenance staff here is unbelievable. They really go out of their way to be helpful.”

With more free time to spend how they choose—whether inside their Sycamore residences, on the gorgeous campus or in Huntington—it’s clear that Cynthia and Mary are glad that they chose Woodlands. We think you’ll love it too, so call 304-697-1620 today to get in touch with our friendly team for a safe, private personalized tour.

We’re also excited to share an interactive virtual tour of the Sycamore, which you can check out by clicking here!

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