When you make the proactive choice to move to Woodlands in Huntington, West Virginia, you’ll get excited right away for when your new home will be all yours. In the meantime, don’t let any questions put a damper on your eagerness to become a part of the Huntington area’s premier Continuing Care Retirement Community. We have a helpful guide—and you’ll have an awesome team by your side—to help you navigate this exciting time.

To gather the information listed here, we spoke with Juliette Buffington Tomlin, Director of Sales at Woodlands. Once you officially become a future resident at our hilltop community, Juliette and her team are there for you every step of the way, providing courteous, top-notch service. If you have questions about any of the info below, you can reach Juliette at 304-697-1620 ext. 153 or jtomlin@woodlandswv.com.

For now, let’s get to sharing what you can expect as you prepare for a smooth and fun move to Woodlands!

How soon should I begin downsizing?

We’ve heard that the number-one obstacle to making a move to a community like Woodlands is downsizing. Linda Williams, a local professional organizing specialist, has shared several tips on this important process, and has said that many people find it very emotionally freeing! She recommends starting now, whether moving to Woodlands is on your horizon or not.

Here are a few of Linda’s top tips on the actual downsizing process; “rightsizing,” as she calls it:

  • Your goal is not to recreate your current house. Your goal is to create the home and way of life you have been planning on and looking forward to in this new stage.
  • List items you want to give to family and/or friends, and get started on calling them to ask if they would like to take the items on your list.
  • Now is the time to clear file cabinets, desks and wherever you keep bills, receipts, records, etc. Be sure to keep important documents in a separate safe place.
  • Work room by room, listing items that are definitely going in your new home such as furniture, lamps, décor, etc.
  • “Go shopping” in your clothes closet. If you were looking at an item in a store, would you purchase (keep) it? Does it fit? Designate a space for things you don’t want. Many charity organizations will pick these items up free of charge.

Linda also shared that following her best tips now (which you can request in full by contacting us), will make for an easier move into your beautiful home at Woodlands. We also provide a helpful checklist upon moving into Woodlands, so that you know who to call every step of the way.  With downsizing out of the way, you can then start to think about the exciting possibilities in your new residence!

Will I be able to see my new home before moving to Woodlands?

“Yes,” Juliette said. “I keep in touch with all future residents on the progress of their new home. Many people love to come in to see the progress being made, especially after our team installs the new drywall.”

If you’re coming from out of town or can’t make it to Woodlands to visit in person, don’t worry! Juliette will also help by measuring walls for you and providing detailed floor plans and photos so you can see your new home come together even from afar.

“I also share a trick I learned from a resident who was about to move in,” Juliette added. “He brought a small box containing several sheets of paper that were actual-size outlines of his furniture, which he then placed around his new apartment to see what would fit. I thought it was genius!”

When can I make my selections for custom options?

Once a new resident has qualified medically and financially, Juliette explained, they make an appointment to meet with her. Depending on the residence one chooses, a new resident will select their cabinet color, countertop, flooring and wall paint.

This is typically the favorite part of the process for everyone who makes the move to Woodlands: making their new residence all their own with personal touches. You can see how some current residents have customized their homes by reading this article.

Once you pick all of your favorite finishes, Juliette will then build those selections into your contract and get the appropriate custom items ordered. She will also, at that time, set a tentative date for when your new home will be move-in ready. Before you know it, the big day will arrive!

With a move-in date scheduled, how can I best prepare?

Juliette says that many of the common questions about the moving process are handled during the financial closing of your new residence, just as they would be for a typical home purchase. For example, at closing, Juliette and her team will have answers to questions like:

  • Where can I take empty boxes?
  • Can we get help with setting up furniture, hanging pictures, etc.? (Yes!)
  • Which parking spots can we use for our personal vehicle(s)?
  • Who do I call for help if a maintenance issue arises?
  • How early can we start/how late can movers stay?

Then, when the big day arrives, you will already know where to have the moving truck park, based on the location of your new home. And whether you’re coming from Huntington proper or somewhere else in the tri-state, our team can provide a list of trusted moving companies within a 45-mile radius of our location.

“As with anything, some folks just need more help than others, and we understand that,” Juliette said. “We are aware this is a big transition in life, and we all try to go above and beyond to help make it a smooth, fun process from start to finish. Woodlands has a great team of people and resources here to help.”

Through it all, we help you get the details handled so that you can focus on the fun part: becoming a new neighbor alongside active individuals and couples like you!

What happens next?

So, it’s your first day at Woodlands: the truck is unloaded and your family and friends have helped you unpack. You can finally start to enjoy the Woodlands lifestyle! Of course, our team is still there to help, from day one onward.

“I’ll always check on new residents a day or two after their scheduled move-in to make sure everything is going well and to see if they have any questions or concerns,” Juliette said.

From there, you’ll find it easy to get accustomed to life at the top choice for senior living in Huntington. Plus, our robust monthly service package will let you enjoy more free time without the burdens of home upkeep and maintenance.

We hope this FAQ guide helps you understand what to expect when you are preparing to make the move to Woodlands. If you’re already eager to get a preview of what could be your next home, simply call 304-697-1620 for a private personal tour!

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