For 25 years, active and independent adults have chosen Woodlands, the premier option for retirement living in Huntington, West Virginia, and the entire WV-OH-KY tristate region. During that time, lifelong Huntingtonians as well as people from all over the country have made this place their home. So, who better to tell you what it’s like to live here than the members of our community? Here’s what they have to say.

A place full of friendly faces

One of the most common remarks we hear from members of our community is simply how friendly Woodlands is. Maybe it’s because the warmth of our small, college-town location extends to our hilltop community, or maybe it’s because people here are happy to share our unique, “WV proud” hospitality with everyone. In any case, we’ll welcome you with a smile—it’s just in our nature!

“Everyone was so welcoming and pleasant,” Mary Margaret King, who has lived here since 2018, said. “We’ve made some really good friends.”

“We’ve really noticed a sense of openness here,” Aubrey, Mary Margaret’s husband, said. “It’s so easy to strike up a conversation with anyone here. Everyone is interested in learning about each other.”

Barbra Haptonstall noticed the same thing about Woodlands’ friendliness. “It’s been a real pleasure to meet new people and make new friends. I love how friendly people are here.”

Plus, it’s not just a feeling of friendship that you’ll find throughout Woodlands. Members of our community like Ervin Jones have said that people here become much more than just neighbors or acquaintances.

“We came to Woodlands and suddenly we were part of a community where we’ve become friends with our neighbors, share meals with them, pass them in the halls each day—people here become family,” he said.

A place to grow, thrive and connect

Growth never really stops, right? Even in retirement, you have boundless opportunities to learn, teach, contribute and have fun with the friends who have welcomed you to community living at Woodlands. Here, there’s no shortage of things to do no matter your interests, and people here are proof!

“They offer so many things to do, I wasn’t this busy when I still lived in my old house!” Barbara Calhoun said. “Woodlands offers so many activities, guests, music, religious services, trips, dining out—there’s always something to do and always somewhere to go.”

There’s also a good chance that you will have much in common with your new neighbors, whether you’re a teacher, volunteer, Marshall supporter or just a proud Huntingtonian!

One of the dozens of former teachers living at Woodlands, Charla Hardy, noted all the opportunities to engage in our wide variety of activities and contribute to the special sense of community found here.

“Here, you can immerse yourself in the activities as much as you like. I’ve been on the food committee, a hall representative, a bingo caller, and I love using the new wellness center and exercise rooms,” Charla said.

“There’s always plenty going on here. If you’re bored, that’s your own fault!” fellow resident and longtime Huntingtonian, Charles Amos, chuckled. “We in Huntington are blessed to have Woodlands.”

A place all your own

You’ll enjoy endless opportunities to thrive here at Woodlands alongside like-minded neighbors, so you may not actually spend a ton of time in your new residence. However, with how comfortable, customizable and spacious our homes are, we’re sure that you will love your new home base, too! Here’s what a few folks have to say about their homes here.

  • “They took our apartment home completely down to the studs. We chose our favorite flooring, paint colors, appliances and even the arrangement of the kitchen. That really helped us feel at home.” – Mary Margaret King
  • “One day I was sitting out on our balcony and just thinking, ‘this place is so pretty.’ We really feel at home here, and it’s like playing house!” – Maxine Brammer
  • “Because of the openness and all of the windows, all the light comes in and makes it a wonderful living area. I love the shape and the size of the living area; the openness and brightness are great.” – Cynthia Beal
  • “I love my kitchen! It has granite countertops with a full-size stove and oven. Even though I don’t need to cook here, I enjoy baking, so the oven was important to me. Plus, there’s plenty of cupboard space.” – Mary Vital
  • “I was living in a log home before Woodlands and wanted something totally different that would let me embrace this new step in life. It was a lot of fun making this place my own. I love my Aspen apartment; absolutely love it!” – Norma Denning

For an in-depth look at several of the floor plans available at Woodlands in Huntington, we encourage you to read our floor plan feature articles by clicking here.

A place for you, no matter what

Members of our community like Dot Hicks (a Huntington Wall-of-Famer) understand that choosing Woodlands is a proactive choice for the future. Dot, in particular, said that the availability of on-site healthcare is a big advantage to choosing Woodlands, even if the need never arises.

Furthermore, Woodlands is the only Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in the WV-OH-KY tri-state region to offer LifeCare, setting it apart from a care perspective—and a value perspective.

On the subject, Charles Amos added why Woodlands is the sensible choice:

“It’s such a good value! Many people aren’t aware that your costs at Woodlands, with Life Care, are stable for life. And even if your assets run out, you won’t be asked to leave. You can’t beat it!”

So, you heard it first, straight from members of the Woodlands community. This is a friendly, engaging, comfortable, caring place in the serene and scenic hills of Huntington, West Virginia.

All that’s left is for you to come see it all for yourself! Click here or call 304-697-1620 today to come learn why individuals and couples like you have had so many good things to say about retirement living at Woodlands.

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