If you’re already a little bit familiar with Woodlands, that’s great, so you may have already picked up on a few of the factors that help us stand above the rest. (If you don’t know us quite yet, just click here after reading this article.) For 25 years, people all around the WV-OH-KY tri-state region have known us for our friendliness, value, service and spirit.

But if we had to choose one—just one—of the many factors that we believe makes us stand out as the best senior living community in West Virginia, it would be this: LifeCare.

Here’s what LifeCare is, and why LifeCare at Woodlands is such a great choice.

The basics of LifeCare

LifeCare is a contract type that guarantees your costs will remain stable, no matter how long you live at Woodlands, even if your needs change. In addition, you also receive guaranteed priority access to the higher levels of care available right here on site.

You will pay a higher entrance fee when choosing a LifeCare contract, however, it’s essentially an all-inclusive security blanket for whatever the future holds; providing priceless peace of mind and predictability for the future. And unlike long-term insurance, LifeCare does not bring with it the hassles of coverage caps, deductibles or expiration dates.

LifeCare is a smart financial decision

Choosing Woodlands is a smart move for your financial future in general, and LifeCare takes that benefit over the top. Here are two reasons why:

  1. Financial stability. A LifeCare contract keeps your regular monthly and annual expenses stable and steady, making it a great tool for estate management. That means you can leave all your concerns about the stock market in the past.
  2. Tax benefits. It’s always wise to discuss your unique tax situation with a certified professional, however, many members of our community with LifeCare have seen their tax liability virtually eliminated. This is because the IRS allows some of your entrance and monthly service fees to qualify as healthcare deductions, which can provide significant tax savings.

You’ve made shrewd investments and have worked hard throughout your life, so for the future you have earned, the LifeCare contract is a perfect fit. Living at Woodlands with LifeCare means no more worries about the rising cost of living, spiraling healthcare costs or the unpredictable economy—just confidence, comfort and a great place to enjoy them both.

A unique opportunity

LifeCare at Woodlands isn’t just a good choice. Rather, it’s the only choice. For those who desire to remain in West Virginia, Woodlands is the only not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in the state to offer LifeCare. This extremely important benefit further cements Woodlands as the best senior living community in WV, bar none.

So, if you’re looking to seize the benefits of LifeCare explained here, Woodlands in Huntington provides a unique opportunity to do so. Here, you’ll also enjoy countless opportunities to grow, contribute and have genuine fun alongside like-minded neighbors.

We would be glad to welcome you to Woodlands to answer any specific questions you have about LifeCare or the rest of our energetic community. We’re currently offering both in-person and virtual tours by request, and you can get in touch with this simple online form or by calling 304-697-1620 today. We look forward to meeting you!

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