So, you’ve had it with never-ending housework and maintenance. You’re tired of worrying about what each Appalachian winter will bring, especially what you’ll have to shovel. And you’re definitely done with rising property taxes and utility costs.

Or maybe you’re seeking a place to simply enjoy more free time alongside friendly, active, older adults like yourself. You may also envision somewhere you can pursue longtime or long-lost hobbies where you’re empowered to try some new things. And maybe a change of scenery for this exciting new stage in life might be nice, too?

If any (or all) of the above sound like you, then you’ve probably already checked out some of the retirement communities in WV. Many exist, and they all offer a variety of services, residences and amenities.

In particular, rental retirement communities appeal to many on the surface because they check many of those boxes. But when you really start to peel back the layers of what the life you want to live includes, like security and peace of mind, rental communities start to fall short. Fortunately, there is another type of community that offers all that and much more.

Allow us to introduce LifeCare, offered at select Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) like Woodlands in Huntington.

The Big Differences

First, there are a few major differences between a rental retirement community and a community offering LifeCare:

Rental CommunitiesLifeCare Contracts
At a rental community, you typically pay a nominal fee when you move in, then pay monthly rent to cover your residence, some amenities, maintenance and maybe a dining program as well. Similar to a traditional apartment, the community can raise its rental fees regularly.

Rental arrangements do not include healthcare and residents pay for services as needed, or through long-term care insurance. Choosing a rental community does not protect you from skyrocketing healthcare costs, and you will pay the full market rate if you need to move to assisted living or skilled nursing.

A LifeCare contract works differently.

When you move in, you pay an entrance fee (typically from the equity you have in your house), which effectively guarantees that all your expenses—including healthcare provided on-site—remain stable for the rest of your life.

You also pay a monthly fee to cover the robust services, amenities, dining and activities provided.


While it may seem like LifeCare is more expensive, we’ve done the math. Over time, LifeCare can actually save you money while serving as an ideal estate preservation tool. Many tax benefits and deductions are possible, too.

As for the peace of mind that it provides? You will enjoy knowing you have access to on-site healthcare that remains at a consistent rate forever. Your monthly fees will remain relatively flat, no matter how much care you may need or how expensive healthcare becomes down the road. When it comes to the value of LifeCare, that’s simply priceless.

Stable in Every Sense

LifeCare provides stability for today and tomorrow. You get to enjoy an amenity-rich and friend-filled lifestyle at a solid value while knowing that any healthcare needs that may arise down the road are covered. For example, Woodlands offers a selection of fully licensed and trusted healthcare services, right here on campus. And if the need for skilled nursing or advanced care ever arises, Woodlands will arrange the logistics and payment to make sure you can receive any necessary services without worrying about the bill.

Plus, communities like Woodlands are not-for-profit, mission-driven organizations prioritizing residents over revenue. In our case, that means you will always have a home here, even if you outlive your financial resources. That isn’t typically the case with the rental retirement communities in WV, and brings to light one type of stability that isn’t always considered.

Because people choosing CCRCs in WV like Woodlands have homes for life, it means that they stay longer, giving everyone the chance to develop strong bonds while gracefully aging in place. That’s part of what makes Woodlands in Huntington so special. Your neighbors know you well, and people are proud to live here. (Have you seen how members of our community are commemorating our 25th anniversary?)

We hope that this information about LifeCare has helped you in your search for your next step, and we hope that you’ll give Woodlands a look. We’re open for safe, private, in-person tours and we invite you to visit to experience firsthand our unique mountainside community. Simply click here or call 304-697-1620 to get in touch!

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