For active and forward-thinking individuals and couples throughout the Huntington tri-state region, senior living communities in WV are an increasingly appealing option. Specifically, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are particularly popular these days. They offer today’s retirees the chance to do what they really want—get the most out of life with the least worry—and making such a proactive choice is an exciting, energizing milestone for anyone.

You’re probably curious about what exactly CCRCs have to offer. They provide appealing residences within environments that empower you to follow your passions and fulfill your sense of purpose. Plus, some also offer LifeCare contracts, which guarantee that your costs will remain stable even if your health needs change, granting you everlasting confidence and peace of mind.

Here is how Woodlands excels at all of the above, and why your search for ideal senior living in WV doesn’t need to go any further.

All you need, and nothing you don’t

One of the most frequently discussed benefits of living at Woodlands is the fact that each and every residence is completely maintenance-free. That means no more home repairs or surprise expenses, no matter the weather or the season. This factor alone is enough to make active seniors from Huntington and beyond find Woodlands highly appealing.

Speaking of appeal, the homes are customizable, contemporary and comfortable, with every creature comfort and appliance you expect.  You’ll find a wide range of residence styles and sizes, from standalone cottages to just-right apartments. For example, the Sycamore residence is one of our most sought-after, and the photos below are clear evidence of why.

In fact, you can take a lifelike virtual walkthrough of the Sycamore by clicking here.

A place offering endless activity and constant connection

Woodlands is a place where people are inspired and motivated to do what fulfills them. Neighbors here are active volunteers, Huntington Wall of Famers, lifelong educators, and more.

Woodlands not only attracts this type of person but also provides the environment for one to pursue these endeavors. With endless opportunities for interaction and involvement, we believe that members of this community simply like having a place where passion and purpose intersect so smoothly each day. On that note, a day in the life of a Woodlands resident is social and filled with friendly smiles and delicious meals.

Trusted past, stable future

Especially in the Huntington tri-state area, active senior living communities are a relatively new concept. Many other options have emerged here and there, but it is important to note what sets Woodlands apart in this regard. Woodlands is the tri-state’s only CCRC offering LifeCare, and it has a trusted 25-year record of providing stability and service that rental retirement communities in WV can’t match.

In fact, we just celebrated our 25th anniversary and the evening exemplified the difference that Woodlands has made for community members and their families since 1996. Having an option like this, with LifeCare available, means that Woodlands residents live longer, healthier, more meaningful lives, and the bonds formed here are longer lasting and even more special, too.

The special sense of community at Woodlands is what sets us apart the most from the other retirement living options in WV. We’d love for you to experience it for yourself and see what we mean. Simply click here or call 304-697-1620 today to coordinate your private, personal tour.

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