One of the most exciting decisions you can make is where you will take your next step in retirement. It’s also an important decision, so many forward-thinking older adults choose to have their families help figure out what their retirement lifestyle will look like. If you’ve begun looking among the senior living options in WV, here are a few top pointers for involving your loved ones in your search.

Remember: You’re in the driver’s seat  

First and foremost, this is your decision. You’ve worked hard to have some appealing options, and ultimately, you’re in control. Wherever your retirement journey leads you, you’re in the driver’s seat and your children and other loved ones are just along for the ride.

Bring it all to the table

Many discussions about the next steps in retirement occur around the dinner table (especially around the holidays), so make sure you are prepared. Doing some initial research on the available retirement options will help establish the following: You’re serious about this, you’ve done your research and you’re in control.

In addition, an actual mealtime setting can be a great place to have these discussions, rather than by phone or text message. Being able to share questions and feelings verbally and genuinely allows everyone to be heard, while it also allows you to verbalize your own thoughts on this exciting new chapter.

Create a list (or two)

Especially in the early stages of a senior living search, you and your loved ones may be faced with information overload. There’s a lot to process and learn, including types of retirement communities, contract options, residence options, lifestyle, healthcare and more.

One simple solution is to create a list of the most important factors to you. Is it crucial to be geographically close to your loved ones? Are you looking for a community that offers LifeCare? Is there a particular amenity that is top of your list such as delightful dining, customizable homes or a great reputation in the local area? Are there opportunities for continued growth and lifelong learning?

Once you have your priority list, you can start connecting the dots on how each retirement option or retirement community in WV ranks based on what’s most important to you. You might consider asking your loved ones to compile a similar type of list, since additional perspective from folks who know you well can be truly helpful.

Consider the intangibles 

After visiting a community for a tour, event, meal or all the above, intuition can be the best decision maker of all. You’ve probably reached many decisions along the way in the exact same manner, and this proactive choice for your future doesn’t need to be any different.

Plus, as efficient and productive as it can be to create priority lists to help narrow down your options, it’s important to consider your feelings. Each retirement community looks different and has different physical features, but how does each one make you feel? Which one feels most like home to you? How does it make your loved ones feel?

With that in mind, we think there is something truly special to feel and experience at Woodlands in Huntington. We encourage you to get in touch early on in your search, so that you can explore the possibilities and truly uplifting atmosphere firsthand. And, of course, your loved ones can—but are not required to—join you. Remember, you’re in control of your future!

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