While searching for a community that embodies the retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted, it’s only natural that friends and family try to help with the selection process. But how do you find a place that satisfies everyone…one that encourages wellness, companionship and the freedom to explore new pursuits, with the added benefit of a full continuum of care?

Woodlands Retirement Community cultivates an environment that accomplishes all that and more. Not only will you be able to live life to the fullest here, but also your friends and family will love Woodlands. Hear how those closest to some of our current residents have noticed a change in their loved ones since joining Huntington’s only LifeCare community.

The Rahals: Flourishing in life

Carolee and Edward Rahal have lived at Woodlands for quite some time, and they’ve enjoyed every minute of their experience. Two of their sons live locally in West Virginia, and one lives farther away in St. Louis. “There was only one place that we considered,” John Rahal said. As the out-of-town sibling, he was deeply involved in discussions related to his parents’ move. Although his father was hesitant to relocate, it ultimately came down to “the ability to have a community that also has a healthcare assurance. [Woodlands is] a fully integrated residential community. That is exactly what we wanted.”

As the Rahal family more openly embraced the opportunities that would come with calling Woodlands home, it then became a matter of choosing the perfect space. “When we sat down with the staff to actually find the apartment that was right for my mom and dad,” John said, “they were willing to think outside the box. We came to a great partnership.” About two months after the move, it was apparent they had made the best decision for all of them.

John and his siblings watched his parents—especially his father—flourish in their new surroundings. He explained, “I see my parents more engaged in life. I see them creating new friends, even at later stages in their journey.” With LifeCare in place, the family trusts that this will only continue. According to John, the best part of this entire process is “the safety and security of knowing that if their needs change, everything is there to cater to their situation.” The community’s full continuum of care ensures that they’ll always be able to stay at their Woodlands home, close to family and friends (both old and new).

Barbara Roberts: Regaining independence at Woodlands

Barbara moved back to her home state of West Virginia, and specifically the Huntington area, more than 30 years ago. So, when her family first broached the topic of retirement options, they already had their hearts set on Woodlands. “It’s a hometown feel that makes a difference,” Toni Blackwelder, Barbara’s daughter who currently lives 6 hours  from the community, said.

Toni is geographically the closest of Roberts’ daughters, with her sister living approximately double that distance. This became a source of discontentment for the family as they tried to support their mother through aging in place. She explained, “It was very frustrating when mom needed help when she was in her house. It was hard to help through phone calls, and she doesn’t use computers much. It was difficult to help my mom get the support she needed.”

Since Barbara moved to Woodlands in 2018, her daughters have been able to rest easy knowing their mother is taken care of. “My sister and I have benefited through the peace of mind we have knowing she is safe and happy,” Toni shared. More importantly, though, Barbara has thrived while surrounded by what they all see as an extension of the family: Woodlands residents and staff alike. “My mom values being part of the community. Everyone at Woodlands is happy to update me on how she’s doing—everyone knows Barbara.”

Recently, Barbara has been staying in our assisted living facilities. The level of care provided on-site is helping her recover and rehabilitate after falling and experiencing illness back-to-back. She’s making great progress with the goal of returning quickly to her independent living residence. This is just one example of how Woodlands provides exceptional care no matter what your needs are. Learn more about the various levels of care we offer as a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) without losing that “hometown feel.”

Many more examples await

For more reasons why you, your friends and family will all love Woodlands Retirement Community, check out stories directly from residents throughout our blog. Better yet, contact us at 304-697-1620 to schedule a visit. You can speak with community members directly and explore the possibilities of a different way to live.

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