It’s easy to understand what makes retirement living in WV so desirable to so many active seniors. First, if you love the outdoors and majestic mountain landscapes, you’ll have plenty to discover (or rediscover) in West Virginia, which is nestled between the Allegheny and Blue Ridge ranges. Second, the warmth of a friendly smile awaits around every corner whether you’re passing through a tiny town or a bustling college hub like Huntington. Third, West Virginia is one of the most affordable states in which to retire—who doesn’t love that?

So if retirement living in WV is the goal, the next step is getting ready to move forward and later finding the ideal retirement destination. This article will provide a good starting point for the former and offer helpful advice for one of the mainstays of anyone’s retirement journey: downsizing. Here are some valuable tips toward getting in tip-top shape for these exciting years ahead.

1) Start with the basics

Downsizing, at its core, has two fundamentals: (1) time and (2) space.

It’s about time because it’s truly never too early to start downsizing. Whether you’re newly an empty nester or have been researching retirement living in WV for years, getting a head start on downsizing will make a huge difference in the smoothness of making your next move. As Ben Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So go ahead and get started, even if it means starting small. You’ll find practical tips in the next section of this post.

Downsizing is also about space because you get the chance to make your next space one that inspires you and is filled with everything—and everyone—you care about most. Think of it this way: It’s a clean slate on which you can craft the foundation for a comfortable and fulfilling home base in retirement. Plus, many top options for retirement living in WV allow you to have your new home crafted to match your unique preference and style.

2) Ask an expert

As with any task you approach for the first time, it helps to have a trusted resource. That’s where pros like Huntington native Linda Williams can help. Linda, who has worked with countless folks seeking retirement living in WV, has helped them successfully seize the benefits of downsizing, or as she calls it, rightsizing.

“What is rightsizing? For our purpose it means creating an environment that is appropriate for our needs,” Linda explained in a recent seminar. “Not too much, not too little. Having what we need and having what we want to live a carefree, comfortable lifestyle.”

In addition to what we shared in this earlier article, here are some other useful tidbits from Linda on the rightsizing process:

  • Put on paper a plan with clear timelines and goals. The most difficult part of the rightsizing process is sticking to it, so break your tasks into one room or area at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed or unmotivated.
  • When determining what to keep or discard, follow the ILVU method. Ask yourself if the item is Important, Lovable, Valuable or Useful If it’s a definite “yes,” then it’s a keeper.
  • A good place to dip your toes into rightsizing is your linen closet. You can organize this small space in a matter of minutes. Plus, you only need two sets of sheets for each bed, and you can donate all those towels you were gifted decades ago but have never used.
  • Be realistic in your decision-making: How many spatulas do you really need? Of the half dozen you’ve probably accumulated over the years, how many do you actually use? Linda’s point here is that we slowly accumulate so much that we become blind to it, and this can cloud our judgment when rightsizing.
  • Trash the clutter! Clutter is the stuff you didn’t know what to do with in the first place, and that’s why it’s called clutter. We all know what Linda’s talking about: pencil stubs, old grocery lists, makeup samples . . . you get the picture.

In her seminar, Linda shared dozens more useful rightsizing and general organizing tips. To learn more about Linda’s tips, click here to contact us or call 304-697-1620.

3) Refresh your perspective

A short-and-sweet, best-for-last downsizing tip is to reconsider your perspective about downsizing. So many folks looking for retirement living in WV automatically think negatively of downsizing, which prevents them from starting in the first place.

Downsizing isn’t about what you get rid of—it’s really about what you gain. You gain more time to focus on what you love, more space for the important things in your life, more energy thanks to the increased order in your home, more safety from less clutter and more invaluable peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

You can do this, and we’re here to help. Call our friendly team of advisors today at 304-697-1620 to get more downsizing tips and to learn about one of the premier options for retirement living in WV: Woodlands in Huntington. We look forward to hearing from you!

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