Woodlands offers a full spectrum of healthcare options

For many, a part of aging is having your healthcare needs evolve over time. For some, this can be just as simple as a little extra assistance here and there, while for others it may be more extensive. In addition to an unparalleled independent living experience, Woodlands offers comfortable and secure assisted living residences. One of the reasons people move to Woodlands is because it’s the region’s premier continuing care retirement community (CCRC). That means that they know if their needs change, they will be met by the highly experienced staff at Woodlands.

Independent living vs. assisted living

What sets Woodlands apart from some other CCRCs is that we can welcome new members to our assisted living without requiring prior residency in Woodlands independent living.

While residents who choose independent living first at Woodlands benefit from a LifeCare contract, all residents benefit from the exceptional environment and caring staff. Independent living residents can retain their beloved general physicians, but also have an option to take advantage of the wonderful healthcare services we provide at an on-site health center, The Woodlands Clinic. The Woodlands Clinic, which is an affiliate of Marshall Health, is located right on campus and offers myriad services.

Healthcare is personal at Woodlands

At Woodlands, healthcare is resident focused. With the on-site care at Woodlands, residents never have to worry about their needs being met. Licensed nursing staff are available round the clock.

We sat down with the Director of Nursing John Jordan, and he detailed all the wonderful care his team provides to residents. John joined Woodlands bringing with him almost 20 years of nursing experience. John leads a team of caregivers that focuses on the well-being of the residents that extends beyond just their physical health.

“I oversee all the care provided by our entire nursing staff here at Woodlands,” John explained. “We have a lot of diversity in the people living in assisted living. Some residents are very independent, and we encourage and motivate them to maintain that independence. Then we have some residents that require more assistance, especially those with dementia. Whatever the case, we strive to provide excellent care and give each resident the support they need.”

Even some of the healthiest residents need a little extra help at a certain point. The Woodlands team provides basic services like bathing, grooming and dressing. A full-time social worker is also on staff to support and improve the lives of our residents. In that regard, assisted living at Woodlands offers an environment focused on all aspects of wellness, including social, spiritual and mental well-being. When we say full service, we mean it.

“The size of our community allows us to offer more than is typically seen in a smaller community and is very unique to the Huntington area. I can’t think of another community that really has the options and quality that Woodlands’ residents enjoy,” John boasts.

Staffing is everything when it comes to providing quality healthcare. John’s team is devoted to keeping residents in control of their lives and providing them with a safe home. The warm relationships between nurses, caregivers and residents make all the difference. “We’re able to sit down with each resident and really invest on a personal level. We get to know them beyond their medical history. We learn what’s important to them. When we know our residents like that, we can create custom service plans to better serve their needs.”

Reassurance is everything

Many people choose senior living communities for the extra reassurance that if their health declines, the care is there. This is often part of the conversation adult children have with their parents when considering retirement living. Woodlands combines peace of mind with financial security so that residents can focus on all aspects of their well-being and live life to its fullest. All the amenities are on-site to create the perfect setting for maintaining an active and engaged lifestyle. Family members can rest easy knowing that their loved ones are in great hands at Woodlands.

We encourage you to come see for yourself what impressive wellness options Woodlands can offer. Contact us today at 304-697-1620 to schedule your tour.

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