For the Russells, the move to Woodlands means more time living the life they dreamed about. Daniel and Debbie became residents of Woodlands in January and haven’t looked back. Having access to so many enriching amenities and activities has totally changed their day-to-day lives. The couple replaced chores and home management tasks with excursions, performances and more time with family. “Whatever you enjoy, there’s something for you,” Debbie shared as she told us her favorite things to do around the campus.

“We already had the incentive to move, but visiting during the open house really sold it,” Debbie expressed. The Woodlands team helped Debbie and Daniel change the kitchen layout, light fixtures and flooring, and a hired decorator helped Debbie arrange their belongings in a way that worked best for the couple. “It feels like my perfect home.”

Making the move early at a younger age was important to Debbie because she wanted to take advantage of everything Woodlands has to offer. “If there’s something here that we want to do, we can just do it,” she told us. “We can do new things here and still do all of our outside activities and events that we did at home.” The couple enjoys jazz performances hosted for residents and guest lectures provided through Woodlands’ partnership with Marshall University.

Access to delicious dining experiences is also a big deal for the couple. “My stove hasn’t been turned on since the move,” Debbie chuckled. The couple enjoys almost all their meals in the dining room, and they enjoy family meals with their relatives who also live in the community. “I get to have breakfast every morning with my sister again,” Daniel smiled, telling us about his older sister who also lives at Woodlands. The family lives in different wings through the community, which provides privacy, and the closeness makes every day feel like a family reunion.

In addition to making connections with family, the Russells have made many new friends. They’ve joined a few birthday dinners, decorated hats with neighbors for Derby Day and cheered on Marshall University at pep rallies. “We’ve gotten to know quite a few residents by attending events,” she answered when we asked about her best Woodlands moment during her first year.

Before Woodlands, spending time both with new friends and family in the same convenient place would’ve been impossible. Now, they’re living the life they deserve with the comfort and security Woodlands provides. As they continued to reflect on the life they’ve started at Woodlands, Debbie remarked, “We do not have one regret. We are perfectly happy and content with the choice and the decisions that we made.”

The Russells’ life could be your reality when you reserve a residence at Woodlands. If you’re ready to spend more time relaxing or you want to get active and engage with new friends, the Woodlands lifestyle is just for you. Contact our team today to start your journey now.

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