At Woodlands, 2022 meant a return to the things that make the community feel like home for so many people. “We’re back to the exciting and energetic Woodlands.” After dealing with the curveballs thrown in 2020 from the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 has been the first year for many where people were able to fully interact with each other again. “You get to see everyone’s smile again,” Jeff Harkins, Woodlands CEO, said. “That’s nice and reminds you how warm everyone at the community is.”

A return to normal included the return of Woodlands’ many interactive resident activities. Residents participated in seasonal activities, took trips to local sights and got involved in everything offered on campus. “We did business as usual, as best we could through the COVID challenge. So, this has been great.”

In addition to resident activities, Woodlands also underwent a lot of renovations. Wing 5, one of the main residential areas, received a complete make-over with new décor. Three floors in the wing also received new carpet and fresh paint. Apartments were updated with new drywall and new light fixtures, and the exterior of the building also received a lot of love with new windows and siding. In the coming year, Woodlands plans to continue beautifying the walkways and outdoor sitting areas for residents to enjoy for years to come. “The campus was already stunning, but it’s just going to get more beautiful,” Jeff told us with a smile.

To ensure that all parts of the campus are covered, Woodlands is installing an additional generator to increase its coverage in the event of bad weather or a power outage. “It’s very comforting to know that our residents in assisted living will be able to stay warm or stay cool and be able to use their lights in an emergency.”

Woodlands will also be reopening the bistro that was not available for use due to the ongoing pandemic. “We’ve got the activities. We’ve got the transportation going. We’ve got visitors now,” Jeff said with a sigh of relief as he relished in the community’s return to normal.

Woodlands is continuing its relationship with nearby Marshall University. There is bus transportation available to residents who want to visit the campus for sporting events, and Marshall staff will continue to visit the community to host seminars. Jeff expressed his admiration for the university president and his team, sharing that, “They make a tremendous effort to have a relationship with us and to send people here, and we’re happy to support them.”

Looking back on 2022, it felt good for Woodlands to support and serve our primary focus: our residents. “It’s all about providing a service to our residents, and it’s really exciting to be able to get back to doing what we do best.” This past year’s reflection sparks so much excitement for what Woodlands has in store next year. If you’d like to be a part of Woodlands’ 2023 memories, contact the team now for information on reserving a home.

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