Being active and social in a senior living community can be an amazing experience. Participating in group classes is the perfect way to meet other residents who share similar goals while working towards better health. Joining forces with an “accountability buddy” could create meaningful friendships and added motivation for regular walks, healthy habits, and much more. Surrounding yourself with good friends provides unbeatable support that keeps you on track to enjoying retirement.

Physical wellness is part of the seven dimensions of wellness. At Woodlands, wellness is an umbrella term for the environment and the programs that support the active aging lifestyle for our residents. An individual who exhibits “active aging” lives life as fully as possible within the six aspects of wellness: emotional, vocational, physical, spiritual, intellectual and social. The goal of the Wellness Program is to engage residents in all aspects of wellness. Woodlands celebrates wellness and encourages people to be the best they can be.

Elizabeth Myers  has been a fitness instructor for 15 years, but she’s been a fitness partner with Woodlands for over a decade. She enjoys the updated exercise room where she has wonderful resources and keeps her classes close-knit. It brings her joy to help build lasting relationships between residents.

Teaching fitness classes is Elizabeth’s passion. “This is something I really enjoy. I take pleasure in it. I enjoy their company. We laugh. We have a good time,” She said.

She encourages residents to listen to their bodies. “No pain no gain is not one of my mottos.” She said. “For the body class I devised, it’s designed to work out the whole body, but if you’re completely exhausted afterward, it didn’t really serve its purpose. It’s supposed to leave you feeling good. The idea is to leave class feeling stronger and better.”

“I like my exercise to be vigorous and I get that every Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. with Elizabeth who makes all the exercises adjustable depending on physical ability,” Betsy Nordeen said about her class schedule at Woodlands.

On campus at the Woodlands, Elizabeth offers classes Monday through Friday for any resident to enjoy such as chair yoga, a functional unit and an all-men’s fitness class.

Resident Barbara Haptonstall regularly attends Elizabeth’s classes and shared with us, “As a retired physical education teacher in Cabell County, I appreciate the opportunity to pursue my wellness goals with the classes we have and the fitness equipment available at Woodlands. Elizabeth’s classes include flexibility, strength, balance and low-impact aerobics, but having up-to-date exercise equipment I can use anytime at Woodlands is also a real bonus.”

Dennis Hammel also takes Elizabeth’s classes and appreciates her at-home workout plan, which allows him to exercise whenever he feels like it. “Our fitness center and exercise classes offer something to Woodlands residents without ever having to leave the community, especially when it’s rainy or winter,” Dennis continued, “the weights and bands found in the wellness center are also a wonderful touch. Elizabeth provides examples of workouts we can do out on our own time too. It’s so important to keep your body moving at any age and I really like encouraging other residents to come to the classes.”

Since Woodlands is so dedicated to holistic wellness, fitness plays an essential role. In addition to all the wonderful programming we offer at the community, we’re also proud to partner with the nearby Huntington YMCA to give you even more opportunities to get moving. As a Woodlands resident, you’ll enjoy a discounted membership fee which includes classes and one-of-a-kind, low-impact workouts but the most popular activity our residents enjoy has been the water aerobics. We also provide complimentary round-trip transportation.

Staying active regularly leads to better mental and physical health. For example, aerobics classes are great for heart health and can reduce the chances of heart disease. The stretching, moving and walking exercises can build strength and balance, making regular tasks and chores like walking to the grocery store or folding and putting away laundry safer and easier on your body.

“I hear a lot of great testimonials from members when I talk to them. I say if you stay active at least three times a week, you’re going to be much healthier. I see a lot of people come in on a walker and they stay active and go walking, or take some of these fitness classes and they stick with it. I sometimes see the same people not relying on the walker as much. I see their A1C numbers come down and I see them lose some weight. The benefits are tremendous,” said YMCA CEO Doug Korstanje.

Interested in learning more about health and wellness? You’re in luck! From nutrition and diabetes prevention classes to comprehensive weight loss programs, you’ll be able to access a wide range of tools that support healthy lifestyle goals. And if you’re looking for a program, you can work one-on-one with a personal trainer to craft an individualized wellness plan and provide personal fitness training.

The free fitness classes at Woodlands and YMCA membership discounts are exclusive to Woodlands residents for staying in shape and supporting their long-term health journeys. If you’re ready to take the first step, Elizabeth is ready to help you meet your fitness goals. All of these benefits and more await you at Woodlands.

“It’s really so important to stay active, even if it’s beyond the Y.M.C.A. If residents just want to walk around the grounds of Woodlands, or any other type of daily activity that they stick with and do on a consistent basis, then that is the key to good health. Just combine that with some good nutrition,” said Doug Korstanje

If you want access to these benefits and more that come with living at Woodlands, contact us to learn more.

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