Continuing Care

At Woodlands, we are dedicated to providing a full continuum of care and a rich, fulfilling living experience – one that makes our residents happy to call us home. We are first and foremost a community that provides independent living opportunities in an environment that is supportive of an active lifestyle and the companionship of close friends. We are also a provider of high quality onsite assisted living and memory support for residents with advancing health needs that require higher levels of support, as well as respite care for those just needing a break.


Woodlands combines unparalleled financial security and peace of mind, with a truly independent lifestyle and wide range of services and amenities. Living at Woodlands eliminates the time-consuming chore of home maintenance, fear of becoming a burden to relatives, the concerns of aging among strangers, and worries about the availability and cost of quality long-term care. Woodlands is also special in that it is the only continuing care retirement community in the tri-state area that is also a LifeCare community.

As a LifeCare community, we offer the ability to pay a larger initial entrance fee, which is partially tax-deductible, in exchange for highly reduced costs on assisted living and memory support that may be needed in the future. LifeCare essentially works like an insurance product, guaranteeing access to advanced health care services, when you need them, at a controlled and substantially-reduced price. Best of all, with LifeCare, you have security in knowing that you will always have a home at Woodlands, surrounded by friends and staff who care about you, even if you outlive your financial resources. That’s peace of mind at its finest.

Facts about LifeCare:

  • LifeCare is an excellent estate conservation device. It eliminates worry of outliving financial resources.
  • LifeCare affords residents predictable health care costs in the future and can replace or be a supplement to any long-term care insurance you may carry.
  • When and if Assisted Living or Memory Support services are needed and used, LifeCare applies a substantially reduced rate for those services, always making the monthly rate for a standard Assisted Living or Memory Support unit comparable to that of a one-bedroom, independent living unit.
  • Residents are eligible for a one-time medical tax deduction in the year in which the balance of the Entrance Fee is paid when moving in. Consult your tax advisor.
  • Independent living residents participate in ongoing eligibility for a medical tax deduction based on the monthly fee for each month of residency each year. All medical tax deductions are dependent upon your actual income for the deduction. Consult your tax advisor.

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